Ukrainian School

Shevchenko_rybinaTaras Shevchenko, Ukrainian School Bradford

Our school, Ukrainian School Bradford, equips the children with the language skills and cultural knowledge to pass onto their children and future generations of Ukrainians here in England.

The school provides lessons for children of all ages where they can learn the language, literature, history and geography of Ukraine. The school day ends with all children joining together in singing lessons, important in bringing together the language and cultural elements learnt in school time.

The school began its history in 1953 at the Claremont premises in Bradford and records show that over 200 children were at the school over a decade later in 1964. In 1983 we moved to our current premises at Westfield, where we accommodate children not only from Bradford but from the full West Yorkshire area such as Leeds, Keighley,                Halifax and Wakefield.

The hardworking Parent’s Association oversee the governance of the school and plays a key role in forming its direction, ensuring it is fit for purpose. The school also organises a number of concerts throughout the year such as Yalinka (Christmas), Sviato Materi (Mother’s Day) and Taras Shevchenko (celebrating the famous poet).

It is of great importance that they learn the language in particular, as to be able to communicate with families here in England and over in the Ukraine. The school has seen over 800 children pass through its doors and long may it continue!

If you are interested in your children joining the school, then please get in touch with us. Please ‘like’ our face book page and tell others about us!

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